What is TAS India?

TAS India is a company that provides automation solutions to businesses in India. They specialize in areas such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), remote engineering, digitization, industry 4.0 solutions and consulting, embedded product design and manufacturing, software and IT-enabled services, and ODC (Offshore Development Center) services. 

What types of automation solutions does TAS India provide?

TAS India provides a wide range of automation solutions, including robotics, control systems, industrial automation, and process automation. They work with businesses in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, to improve their processes and increase efficiency.

What is EPC?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. It is a type of project delivery method used in the construction industry, where a single contractor is responsible for the entire project, from design and engineering to procurement of materials and construction.

What is remote engineering?

Remote engineering is a service that allows businesses to access engineering expertise remotely, without the need for on-site personnel. TAS India provides remote engineering services, which can help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What are digitization and industry 4.0 solutions?

Digitization refers to the process of converting analog information into digital form. Industry 4.0 solutions involve the use of advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing, to optimize manufacturing processes and improve efficiency. TAS India provides consulting services in these areas to help businesses modernize their operations.

What is embedded product design and manufacturing?

Embedded product design and manufacturing involves the design and development of electronic systems that are integrated into other products. TAS India provides services in this area, including hardware design, software development, prototyping, and testing.

What are software and IT-enabled services?

Software and IT-enabled services refer to services that involve the use of technology to perform tasks. TAS India provides services such as software development, application management, and infrastructure management, which can help businesses streamline their IT operations.

What are ODC services?

ODC (Offshore Development Center) services refer to services that involve setting up a dedicated team of professionals in a remote location to perform tasks for a business. TAS India provides ODC services, which can help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency by accessing specialized talent in India.

Does TAS India offer custom automation solutions?

Yes, TAS India offers custom automation solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

What kind of support does TAS India offer to its customers?

TAS India offers comprehensive support to its customers, including installation, training, and technical support.

How can I get in touch with TAS India?

You can get in touch with TAS India by visiting our website and filling out the contact form, or by calling our customer service team.